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Boost your Brain Power

Discover how to boost your brain power by suppertime…

No matter your age!


What if you could suddenly become smarter and also…

  • Control the effects of stress

  • Resist the blues and insomnia…

  • Be razor sharp with "near photographic" memory…

  • And more…


Dear Smart Friend,

We live in a time when we are constantly overloaded with information. So even the young and healthy feel overwhelmed trying to keep up! Mental strain is not an unusual phenomenon these days. The continual expansion of our mind and memory capacity is crucial to us successfully adapting to the ever-changing, information-focused world we live in. By enhancing our mental capacity, we could increase our chances of advancing our careers, our potential to earn more, achieve greater work satisfaction and experience less stress.
Most of us fear losing our mental abilities as we get older. In fact, we fear this more than anything else. We lose our capability to easily remember telephone numbers and names, do simple calculations and learn new concepts. Some people experience faster cognitive decline than others, but for all of us the mental slow-down can be extremely frustrating and disturbing. Especially if you still juggle a demanding career, in an age when people are retiring later, working well into their late 60s and 70s.
This "normal" loss of brain function that happens with ageing is called Age Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD). But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lesser agile mind, no matter what your age! Fortunately natural medicine has come a long way and now offers us safe and effective ways to improve our mind, memory and mood as we get older. By feeding our brains the nutrients it needs and applying simple lifestyle changes, it could function at its peak performance level.

Discover the safe and natural supplements that could:

  • Boost your memory and learning capabilities, no matter your age.
  • Increase your mental alertness.
  • Perk up your mood, energy and vitality.
  • Help you think on your toes again.
  • Enhance your focus and concentration levels.
  • And improve your problem-solving abilities. 

Bring your brain back into balance and sleep better than you have in years

If you are one of the millions of South Africans affected by insomnia, you know how it feels to wake up in the morning totally exhausted. You can’t concentrate during the day and your ability to think clearly and remember things is deeply impacted. However, when you get into bed every night, you simply stare up at the ceiling for hours, unable to doze off for more than short periods at a time.
Perhaps you depend on sleeping pills to help you cope with the insomnia. But these could be associated with unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects, such as nightmares, blurred vision, dizziness and a "hung over" feeling in the morning.
The electronic report - Boost your Brain Power - uncovers the most effective natural therapies that could dramatically improve the quality and duration of your sleep. During deep sleep, the brain gets a chance to consolidate memory and rebalance hormones and brain chemicals to get us ready for a new day.

Discover this amino acid that was found to increase rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. And then try these seven relaxation techniques to help you drift away to "slumber land".

Remember a long shopping list without writing it down, plus other memory techniques

Learning is an art that improves with time. There are several practical steps you could take to acquire more knowledge and improve your memory. When you do, your mind should start thinking faster. You’ll be amazed how you’ll soon be remembering jokes and saying something witty off the cuff!
Find out in the Boost your Brain Power Report how to apply simple techniques to:

  • Develop "near photographic" memory.
  • Remember a long shopping list, without writing it down!
  • Recall people’s names, years after you’ve met them.
  • Use this system to help generate clear ideas, plan routes, make decisions and solve problems more easily.
  • Apply this method to remember speeches and facts logically and clearly.

Discover these "smart foods"

Who thought the reason for mental decline could be as simple as this?

  • Why bread could be the cause of your "brain fog".
  • How this berry could improve brain function, including co-ordination, memory, learning and resistance to fatigue.
  • Why you should avoid canned foods.
  • And how this type of fat could help improve mood, enhance clear thinking, encourage mental stability, concentration and focus and even improve vision.

Discover the better, natural alternatives for beating depression

All the drugs in the world can’t change your past. But restoring healthy levels of brain chemicals could make life’s unavoidable traumas much less daunting.

How good we feel is largely dependent on the levels and interactions of a number of neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Low mood or clinical depression is mostly due to an imbalance or shortage of some of these neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.

Fortunately, now there are a few supplements that could prove to be just as effective as antidepressants, but without the side effects. Find out in the Boost your Brain Power Report:

  • Astonishing natural treatments - safer than antidepressant drugs.
  • Don’t rely on temporary stimulants like coffee to give you the boost you need to complete a task, discover the nutrients that actually nourish your brain cells, so they won’t rebound and leave you worse off than before…
  • Find out if your body is producing enough cortisol, which helps you cope in times of stress.
  • Discover how you could function all day without feeling frayed - and banish the blues, safely.
  • Improve your sleep quality, so you could wake up in the morning energised and ready-to-go.

Prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease – naturally!

Alzheimer’s is a cruel and progressive disease, which affects memory, emotion and thought processes. It is estimated that there are about 18 million sufferers worldwide – some 5% of the world’s elderly population.

Worryingly, experts claim that the condition is on the increase and predict that by 2020, Alzheimer’s will affect up to 30 million people.

Although there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, there are many conventional treatments that could help slow down the progression of the disease and stabilise symptoms if the condition's caught early enough. Complementary treatments are also proving to be an extremely effective way of managing the condition.

In people with Parkinson’s disease, specific groups of brain cells called neurons progressively degenerate or die with time.

Discover new options to help battle the effects of Parkinson’s.

But a preventative approach is always the best defense. You could reduce your risk of falling victim to this degenerative disease by taking some simple steps straight away. Find out what these are in the Boost your Brain Power Report.

Enhance your brain’s performance by suppertime!

Nature has a plan to keep you smart... No matter what your age, you are equipped with the brain "mechanics" for powerful mental energy and vitality, as long as you provide your brain with the nourishment it needs. By following the recommendations outlined in this electronic report, you could achieve maximum memory functionality and clear thinking.

As you will discover, there are a number of tremendous benefits you’ll get by having this report in your home...

But more importantly you’ll know how to protect your most valued possession in the world - your mind and your health!

Why not give the Boost your Brain Power electronic report a try today, at the special price of R149.95, that’s R50 off the normal selling price of R199.95. Simply click the “Order Now” button.

There is no risk because you’re always covered by our risk-free, 7-day money back guarantee.

The report either works like I describe to you or you receive a full refund. But I’m betting that once you begin using the information... And feel the tremendous healing benefits... That I couldn’t pry this report away from you for ten times its price. 

To your good health,


Carla Pinto
FSP Health 

P.S. Order Now, before the moment passes. Lay claim to the Boost your Brain Power electronic report and the better life that awaits you!